Past, present, and future


Since we were born we have been told that Life was a series of events that would take us somewhere better and greater that “Now” and “Here”.  Therefore, we studied, we practiced, we came, we went, always moving. And we did it one step at a time.  We were sometimes happy and sometimes not. NobodyRead More  ————

Roles in Life

How many times I have asked myself these questions: What are my roles in Life?  Is it to be a woman, wife, companion, daughter, sister, friend, attorney, seeker? Or is it something greater than my imagination, if that is even possible?  I know that I have more than one role through which I must exerciseRead More  ————

Enjoying life

My husband and I have a Texas Peach Tree in our backyard that in the spring covers itself with pink flowers during a brief two-week period. When this happens we are literally surrounded with all kinds of insects flying all over the place, getting intoxicated on the sweet nectar of the flowers. It is oneRead More  ————


Cycles of Life is another way of saying: Change.  Everything changes.  We start at some point, we move, we become something else, all the time. This amazing journey we call Life would not be what it is without Change.  I want to believe that when the picture is played back it will not be centeredRead More  ————


What is this cocktail of chemicals that hijacks the “will muscle” and whispers to our ears: “you could not”, “your should not”, “you must not”? What mechanism is triggered in our bodies that paralyses our limbs and makes us plain observers of Life? What convinces us that not doing, not going, not talking, not hearing,Read More  ————

Life and Photos

Sometimes I feel that my Life is a series of photographs that I make with the camera inside my brain. Every second of my Life, I capture brief moments of my soon-to-be Past that can be re-played at Will.  When I recall them (or some piece of music, smell, place, situation makes me recall them),Read More  ————

People are amazing

The older I get the more I realize that people are amazing. There is no norm, rule, cutter, or mold that will describe the universe of beings, who are always surprising the World with their outward reactions to life, and most of the time are living a picture that they have created in their brain.Read More  ————