Roles in Life

How many times I have asked myself these questions: What are my roles in Life?  Is it to be a woman, wife, companion, daughter, sister, friend, attorney, seeker? Or is it something greater than my imagination, if that is even possible?  I know that I have more than one role through which I must exercise my given skills to provide meaning to my Life.

Now, most of time, I go about my daily routines without realizing the impact I have in other beings through my actions or inaction. I just don’t stop enough to meditate about the chain of cause and effect in which, I suspect, I play an important part.  I guess that it is frighting to look at my decisions as being a step that moves this wonderful Universe one step forward, or not.  I may be opening or closing doors, or pointing out at different roads, that were necessary for others to go through, without even realizing it, although I always have the opportunity to witness my deeds.  However, I don’t always make the time to see.

For example, this morning I went to my backyard with a bag of seeds for the birds that visit us every day.  Without thinking about it, I filled up the feeder, cleaned up a bit of yesterday’s mess, and went inside the house to go about my chores.  Suddenly, I looked through the window and saw this small Chickadee with a seed on his beck, and he stared at me long enough to allow me to take a photo.

It was like if he was saying: “thank you for my food.”

So, there you go. One of my roles in Life? Maybe it is as simple as making sure the seeds are in the bird feeder.

Taken at Burnet, Texas