Cycles of Life is another way of saying: Change.  Everything changes.  We start at some point, we move, we become something else, all the time. This amazing journey we call Life would not be what it is without Change.  I want to believe that when the picture is played back it will not be centered on birth or death, but the Changes that transpired in between those two events.  Birth and death are just points in time marking a period in which something happened, something was understood, something was felt, something was lost, something was found, something was built.

Cycles of Life make me think about two things. One is Perspective. The Universe, our sun and our planet, go through cycles withing a time frame that is not the same as ours. Or is it? We really don’t know, because we only measure this Change within the parameters of our own finite Life.  We know of stars being born and eventually dying in a matter of billions and billions of our years. We have seen spiders that are born to be killed the moment they leave the egg.

The other is Purpose.  Nobody can tell us for sue the purpose of Change, but some of us have faith that it is not by Chance.  Energy (including our thoughts) and matter (including our Universe) are in constant movement going somewhere, following rules imposed by… someone or something.  We struggle to make sense of those rules and sometimes we get them, sometimes… we don’t.

But, what a fundamental waste of energy if all cycles of Life are the result of coincidences of Time and Space!

We are amazed at the miracles around us without realizing that the biggest miracle is how Life is constantly changing, and yet… it is always here.

Taken at Houston, Texas