People are amazing

The older I get the more I realize that people are amazing.

There is no norm, rule, cutter, or mold that will describe the universe of beings, who are always surprising the World with their outward reactions to life, and most of the time are living a picture that they have created in their brain.

That picture can be fascinating, or scary, but it is always unique. Some times, the picture is obvious and easy to understand, even with the phrases that subtitle the action of their Lives.  Other times, the picture is a delicate lace of previous experiences and expectations obscuring their reality with a very distinct color and sound.

But, when living in the “Now”, people suddenly can become Heroes.  Incredible role models for a World that is desperate to see them.

That is amazing.

Taken in ElDorado National Park, Colorado. First Respondents (volunteers) helping a climber in trouble